Privacy Policy

This section outlines the Privacy Policy of for collection, maintenance, and disclosure of data and information which is collected from the users.

Personal Information

We may ask users for their personal information, such as Full name, date of birth, email address, contact numbers, billing and shipping addresses, and any other information required for identification of a person (such as CNIC number). Users are required to provide this information to validate their identity and also for availing the services and features of AL-Javeir.

Use of Collected Information

AL-Javeir strives to make the shopping experience of all its customers pleasant, which is why the provided information is used to conduct research and make strategies to improve the customer service. It enables us to be prepared to respond to all kinds of queries and problems that our customers might have.

Information and Data Protection

We employ modern methods of data collection and processing, to protect user information against unauthorized access, data theft, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

Reproducing Personal Information

We take the personal information of our users very seriously, and do not sell, trade or rent it to any individual, entity, enterprise, business, or institution. We may, however, share generic research data and demographic information with our affiliates and advertisers for marketing and management purposes.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Aljaiver has the right to update or amend the privacy policy at any time without prior notice to its customers. Any inconvenience faced by a user due to incorrect knowledge of the Privacy Policy will not be our responsibility.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

If you are using this Website, you have provided consent and agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy. If you have any reservations with the Privacy Policy, or do not wish to comply with it, please discontinue use of the Website. By using this Website continually, you agree to comply with the Privacy Policy, and any updates in between that occur during your use.